Here at The FIXERS, INC. we come across many problems that people have with their computer. The great news is we are able to repair the vast majority of them with ease. Below we have a helpful video showing some of the most common computer problems with suggestions on how to fix them yourself if you’re up for it. If you find that you can not fix it yourself we suggest you contact us right away.

We are considered the best

computer repair service in Atlanta
and the surrounding cities.

The Fixers can solve any problem you have.
We are THE computer repair service in Atlanta.

  • Transfer all your documents, emails, pictures and software from your old computers to your new ones
  • Computer set up including keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • Fixing general computer problems, big and small
  • Set up or troubleshoot DSL or cable Internet connections
  • Install correct drivers on your computer so that devices run as intended
  • Operating system memory repair
  • Computer virus Removal
  • Operating system start-up repair
  • Fixing monitor/display driver issues
  • Remove spyware and adware from your computers hard drive
  • Set up printers, scanners, webcams and other equipment to work with your computer and on your network
  • Upgrade your existing computers to take advantage of new technologies, such as increasing RAM or upgrading your hard drive
  • Troubleshoot and repair computers, hard drives, monitors and other peripherals
  • File recovery problems and back up of all your documents, emails, pictures and software
  • Fix computer boot loop
  • Configuration of Windows or Mac operating systems to your needs
  • Optimize and speed up your computer
  • Operating system restore and clean installs

Oh yea…We also repair laptops. So when you are looking for a computer repair service in Atlanta it has to be THE FIXERS, INC.!