What are viruses, worms, and bots?

The short cartoon below explains the dangers of each, and why you should find a computer virus removal Atlanta for your computer/laptop right away!

Computer viruses are tiny software programs that are programmed to spread from one computer to another and to hinder with the target computer’s normal operations. How would you know if you are in need of computer virus removal Atlanta.

Does your Computer or Laptop suffer from any of these symptoms?

  • Your computer or laptop crashes or locks up all the time.
  • It shutsdown and restarts multiple times sometimes out of nowhere.
  • You notice strange error messages or pop-up boxes warning you of your firewall, or messages about viruses.
  • Your computer or laptop has been running slower than normal, and the key here is suddenly. If it progressively slows down, it’s probably getting bogged down by too many programs running in the background, you haven’t defragmented it recently (or ever), or you are nearing full capacity on the hard drive. But if the computer suddenly takes minutes to load a web page, or suddenly takes 10 minutes to shutdown/start-up it’s a good clue that you have a virus.
  • Surprising toolbars in your browser appear all of a sudden.
  • You notice mysterious shortcuts or icons on your desktop that you don’t remember putting there.
  • You see unfamiliar icons or programs in the system tray at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

(Note that new toolbars and shortcuts often come bundled with software you actually want; they may not be malicious — just annoying.)

If you answered YES! to any of these statements you need The FIXERS, INC..

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