Cyber Monday Tips

Cyber Monday - online shopping

Looking for Cyber Monday Tips?
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It is expected that more money will be spent today on Cyber Monday than was spent this past Black Friday and previous years according to American Express. So with that it is also expected that scammers will be out in full force today and also this holiday season.

Take a second to refresh your memory on ways that you can avoid scammers and make your online shopping a great experience.


  1. Don’t use public computers or public wireless.
    This means try not to make purchases at coffee shops nor restaurant WiFi Hotspots among other public areas. They just aren’t secure.
  2. Don’t click on pop-up advertising.
    This day and age this should go without saying, but some still can’t resist. Just pass.
  3. Look for security symbols.
    Every website that asks for your credit card information should display on its website that it handles all of its transactions over a secure server and encrypts the information. There should be a “pad lock” symbol next to its website in your browser’s URL box.
  4. Consider using a credit (not debit) card or an online payment system.
    Many of us don’t know that credit cards carry better protection against fraud than debit cards. Use credit cards for all transaction if possible.
  5. Know your online merchants.
    Only buy from online merchants that are trusted.
  6. Disable Bluetooth.
    As more and more of us are using our mobile devices and tablets to make online purchases be sure to keep your bluetooth feature OFF as it is possible to intercept data from you if close enough. This data not only includes credit card info but also other sensitive personal information.
  7. Use mobile applications with caution.
    Use only the most trusted apps on your devices to make purchases. Many apps are being sneaky by installing spyware and adware onto your device without your knowledge.
  8. Secure your computer and mobile devices.
    Always use the strongest passwords for online websites, and ensure that your computers are using good anti-virus software that is always up to date.
  9. Be alert for potential charity-donation scams.
    It’s the season of giving. We all know this…Unfortunately so do the scammers. Only give to known and trusted organizations.

Hope these Cyber Monday Tips help, and shop safe today.

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