Virus Alert: CryptoLocker Virus

virus alert

This sneaky pest will try to get into your system through email links, and delete your most important file one by one.

Computer Virus Name:
CryptoLocker Virus

How this computer virus works:

CryptoLocker finds its way into your computer system usually after you help it.

“The primary source of infection is in an attachment that gets emailed to you. Our best recommendation for that is don’t open any attachments unless you’re expecting them. If you’re not expecting it, delete it.” – says Bisconti Computers Repair Technician Michie DeBerry.

Once your computer is infected, the virus locks files.

“Basically any office documents; so Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG files, so any pictures that you have. They do look for QuickBooks files.” -DeBerry says.

Then an error message pops up telling you what happened. Experts say at this point, because of how the infection is programmed, running your Anti-Virus software can’t help you. DeBerry says you’re given roughly three days to pay hackers, who will then unlock your files.

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